Monday, August 18, 2008

Conversations with DH

If you missed the first one, read it here and then come back.

Me- "Wanna piece of gum? (Then doing my best David Letterman impersonation) Ya got any gum? Ya, ya, ya got any gum?"

Him- (giggling) "Sure"

I pass him a piece of gum. He looks at me expectantly.

Me- "What?"

Him- "Break it in half."

Me- "Why?"

Him- "It's too big."

Me- "What?"

Him- "It's too big."

Me- "The gum?"

Him- "Yeah."

Me- "It's a piece of gum. Just chew the whole damn piece."

Him- "You know I don't like a whole piece. Tear it in half for me."

Me- "And if I dont, you're going to tear it in half, and then you're going to leave the other half of the piece somewhere random, and then I'm going to find it in a month. It's really too big?"

Him- "Yes....(pauses) but you can say that to me anytime you want."

Me- "What? It's too big?"

Him- "Yep."

Me- "Sigh."


TTownDiva said...

That is too funny! I chew my gum in half pieces too.

The Mom Jen said...

I knew that was coming in there at the end...

now that sentence is just wrong!


queen foodie said...

Your hubby sounds like a funny guy. I loved his post on "you know you live in Vegas" Good sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That made me laugh. Sounds like my husband. Although he chews like three pieces at once and makes me want to duct tape his mouth shut.

Unknown said...

I am starting to like this guy more and more. Other than the fact that he is loved by my favorite girl in the whole world. I'm on the half gum kick myself and I really would have used the rest of the line Good stuff BigBoy.

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