Friday, July 25, 2008

A two year old with a pen =

This picture.
My 2 year old, Ava, has kind of been driving me nuts lately. She's hit the stage where she thinks everything that's mine is really hers. Somehow she found a pen. Don't ask me how she got it...I didn't give it to her. And don't ask me about the time she found a pen and it exploded all over my living room carpet. I think she finds them, and then stashes them for a later date when I'm (not looking) doing something important.
Just the utter disrespect for my things is enough to warrant me a padded room for at least a week. Okay, I know I shouldn't expect a 2 year old to know the general rules of human boundaries, but throw me a bone for this blog for the love of Pete.
She eats my chapsticks, lip glosses, and anything else that isn't supposed to be eaten. The best part is she will kindly return them to where they belong when she's finished snacking. So when I go to use my lip gloss (and anyone who knows me knows I cherish my glosses) it's full of baby spit and chunks of something that kind of smells like apple juice.
She dives into my underwear drawer and proceeds to put on as many pairs as she can fit over her head. She will come walking out of my room looking like a rainbow-colored mummy with lace trim.
She colors on my desktop work calendar. That's okay Ava, I didn't have a deadline on that day, anyway.
And her contribution to my insanity just TODAY was: She found our tube of toothpaste, got my toothbrush, and "brushed" the brand new, flat screen TV's face with it. I came upstairs (knowing it was just too quiet...) and witnessed her eating toothpaste right out of the tube, and saw the TV screen was COVERED in toothpaste. Sweet. I debated on whether or not to call poison control, because I didn't know how much toothpaste she actually ate, but I'm feeling crazy today so I skipped calling. They'd probably take ME in if they heard the story.
At least she'll have fresh breath today.


The Mom Jen said...

Hey pretty lady it looks fab in here!

Ah...the 2 year old! YIKES. They're going to commit us, I just know it...just wait until she almost 10. I'm going to have to dye my hair, too many greys sproutin'.

A Christian Mom said...

LOL... gotta love the 2 yr olds!

Kathy said...

Oh let's not get our two 2yr old's together, I'm afraid of what they could do together. *shudder*

Unknown said...

You know, I'd be up for having another baby, but the fact that they grow up into two year olds if fabulous birth control :D
I was laughing my assss off. How did you get the toothpaste off your flat screen? Damn!

The Mrs. said...

umm you didnt get the memo that whats yours is really theirs? everything and then some too.

Its a darn good thing they are so cute isnt it!

Merrie said...

Changing the blog name...I cleverly missed it and realized I wasn't seeing you on my blog. Problem fixed!

My son is notorious for the silent but deadly behavior. Spin Art was a fun day. And then a rainbow of paint on my bedroom floor. And our only poison control call was for Desitin. Who eats Desitin??

queen foodie said...

Wow..the two' challenging and so cute at the same time. My oldest was so easy, but my youngest was quite a handful at two. We had just moved to where we live now, which is on 3 acres. I literally couldn't leave him alone for more than 2 minutes.

Deb@Mommie Mayhem said...

Ahh yes the 2 yr old vs. the pen .. looks like the pen won !

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