Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I know it's a little early, but...

You guys, I have totally come up with my Halloween costume for this Halloween! Can you guess what it is? Heehee.
Too offensive?
I saw an article on msnbc here, and it turns out that the FLDS in Utah is actually selling the clothes they wear- "as seen on TV". They only sell clothing for children, but I'll find something "nice" for myself somewhere.
And anyway, I've always wanted my very own prairie dress. Who wouldn't!? I'm sure they're extremely flattering and sexy. Comfortable, too! I bet my husband would totally get off if I wore it in the bedroom.
The overall look is absolutely fabulous! The dress, the no makeup, the hair- oh the HAIR! I figured since I did my hair like that in 7th grade (that was 1989- ouch), I could/would remember how to do it again. Apparently polygamists are allowed to wear hairspray, because there in NO way they get their hair like that without it. My preference for this particular style is Aqua Net. Remember that stuff? I lived for Aqua Net: style, hold your breath, close your eyes, and SPRAYYYYYYY!
I just need a fake braid, right? The Prophet wouldn't allow a short-haired wife, after all. I'd be walking into the costume a sinner, and I'd like to save the sinning for later in the night with cocktails and swear words.
I'm even going to recruit my girlfriends to be my sister-wives. My husband has graciously volunteered to be the husband. When I told him what I was going to dress up as, and that I was going to tell my girlfriends to too, he said "if your friends are going to be your sister wives, we husbands can "take turns" being the Warren Jeffs". Yes, take turns. So freakin funny.
So what do you think? Will it work as a costume? Now I just need to find a party to wear it to...


Katie said...

Oh girl, that is SO hot! You will be so pretty! :) Wish I was there to be a sister wife with ya! HEE HEE

Kathy said...

Ah yes the Aqua Net! And you'll need a unibrow to go with it.LMAO!
That's a great costume idea!

Unknown said...

LOVE IT!!! You must come to our party. We are going to make the best family ever :) When hubby said "take turns" what exactly did he mean?? :P

Merrie said...

All he needs for the Jeffs costume is a long neck, and scary ass face of evil. blech
If you go for it, we will require pictures.

Amber said...

Yes, your hubby would have to dress as Warren Jeffs. And you would need a boat load of kids nipping at your heels. You could totally pull it off!

Cathie said...

you make me pee my pants in a good way!

** said...

Alright how sick is it that when I read this I screamed....


Yeah, I agree pretty sick. I'll do your hair if you do mine?

A Big Ball of Stress said...

LOL kill me. Only you would come up with something like that...And do it! LOL

BTW...They dont make Aqua Net like they used isnt as stiff! :(

Anonymous said...

That is hysterical! It totally suits you (um, in a good and funny way) and the Warren Jeffs bit, my hubby would so be right there for that! I say go for it!!

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