Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Fun

My 4 (soon to be 5) year old son has hit a point where he is asking me the most bizarre, yet totally normal, questions. Imagine that this is your kid asking you this- completely out of the blue- so you're kind of mentally unprepared (at least I was...). How would you answer him? These have been asked just this past week:

1. What does traumatic mean?

2. Why does air make things hard? (like it you leave a piece of bread out, why does it crumble)
3. Were does poop come from?

4. What happens if we don't eat food?

5. Why do people who don't have anywhere to live sleep in the park? (this one kind of makes me giggle....that's bad, I know)

6. Why is it nice manners to say thank you?

7. What happens if I don't sleep all night?

8. Why do you and dad lock your door at night time sometimes? (yea, don't answer this one)

9. Why does dad snore?

10. Why is it so hot in the summer time?

Okay seriously, this boy is FOUR. What the hell am I going to do when he's ten?


I am definitely intellectually challenged with trying to explain my answers in a way my 4 year old can comprehend, but still totally amazed at the level of his questions. I used to hate parents who talked to their kids like adults, but I catch myself doing it every now and then.....

How else do you explain where poop comes from?


Tracey said...

You could always do what some of the parents of my students do and tell him to ask his teacher when he goes back to school. Seriously! Guess you wouldn't want him asking his teacher why you lock the door though! LOL. I once had a student ask me why his hamster had babies coming from it's butt. Come on people!

Anonymous said...

I read to my six year old from her cartoon Bible last night, and she said, "Thank you, Mother. That was exceptionally enjoyable." WHU...?

Merrie said...

Yeah, you're in trouble. Good luck! lol

Anonymous said...

He sounds like he would be good friends with my 7 yr old. Makes you wonder what their little minds are thinking about. Mine asked me why boys have testicles...I titled that blog "thats a daddy question". Good luck with your future questions.

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