Monday, July 14, 2008


Have you been to Blogtations yet? It's bound to have you laughing after reading a few quotes. The owner of the blog updates it regularly, and even has a contest or two going. Go give her some traffic. Maybe she'll even quote you!

I'm quoted this week! It's my second quote on her blog. If you missed the first one, look here and scroll down a few.

Can you guess what line of mine she quoted this time?

Go here and scroll down to find out! It's dated for today- July 14th.


The Mom Jen said...

Classic quote!! Way to make news!

How's your hubby's blog, he hasn't posted in a long while!

A Christian Mom said...

Congrats to you! Love your quote. Some hilarious quotes on that blog, thanks for sharing!

A Big Ball of Stress said...

LOL Tasha..You are always filled with classic quotes.

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