Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vacation Blog: Part 2

Part 2: California FOOD is amazing.

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There's just something about incredibly fresh fruit and seafood that gets my heart a-fluttering. I made sure we ate at as many restaurants as possible. Because, as I've said many times before, I'm a foodie. And if ya cant eat food that makes you happy while on vacation, then you might as well stay home.

My mom and I went to lunch at this little "local" beach restaurant that she suggested. We ate AT the bar- which is something I never get to do anymore. You can swear, crack inappropriate jokes, and drink in the afternoon much more easily sitting at the bar. I used to work behind one for six years so it's always a treat to be served by a fellow bartender.

My mom and I giggled and drank local white wine (me) and Long Island Iced Teas (her), while appreciating the glorious ocean views out almost every single window in the place. I had a real Caesar salad (with an anchovy on top) and a "clam chowder boat"- which was a sourdough bread bowl covered with the most velvety clam chowder I have ever eaten. My mom had scallop kabobs. She only ordered them because I begged her to- so I could have some, too. That's what good moms do!

This is my trick on how to get my kids to stay happy while we're waiting for our food to arrive: give em some cool candy. Works every time! Here's Ava enjoying a rock candy lollypop.

Later in the week, we ventured out to a bunch of sea-side places. We ate oysters, halibut, fried catfish, seafood jambalaya, more clam chowder, enormous scallops and just about any other kind of seafood we could get or hands on.

My husband actually likes oysters. That's pretty amazing since the guy didn't even try Chinese Food until he was in college. College! He grew up on meat and potatoes- just ask his sisters Tiffany and Sara- and here he is eating oysters. It's one of the very few foods I don't like.

Here's a picture of my brother and Jack at the only Mexican restaurant we ate at all week. It was fun to have fresh avocados and tomatoes in my lunch, and the salsa was yummy. Aren't they silly boys?

And here's the whole damn family out to dinner (my step-dad's treat) at an incredible Cajun-style restaurant. I had the scallops and they were like butter! So good. They had murals all over the walls, playing cards stuck on the ceiling, and colored beads randomly strewn throughout the place. I think this restaurant was my husband's favorite place of the entire trip. We will definitely be returning when we go back to CA.


The Mom Jen said...

Ooh Pinot Grigio from Napa...

Glad you had a nice time!

** said...

Okay, can I come with you next time? I mean seriously.....?????

Holy crap, you are speaking MY language

Katie said...

Wow, what a beautiful and fun vacation! Your bro is so darn cute! When did he grow up? :)

Unknown said...

dude, your bro is HOT. hee hee. too bad I'm not available. I'd be willing to re-locate to SB :P

Tiff said...

So happy you guys had a fun vacation! The food looks so yummy and fresh...mmmmm. "The whole damn family..." line really made me laugh.
P.S. We let James eat sugar while waiting for food! One of those things I'm sure I said I would never

Michelle W said...

Of course I LOVE the fact that you give the kids candy to get them to patiently wait for dinner! I love it. I can almost feel the heads of mommy purists exploding as I type.

Michelle said...

Yeah! My kids have never been to Northern California. I would love to take them some day. We have tons of family in the LA/San Diego area so we usually end up there which is nice too.

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