Monday, June 23, 2008

Vacation Blog- Part 1

My family and I left Las Vegas behind and spent a week in a small town in Southern California. My folks live there- luckily- so we had a beachy, relaxing time as well as plenty of quality family time, too. It felt like we were killing two birds with one stone.

We rented a little cottage just a few minutes from the beach, and about ten minutes from my parent's home. It was such a fun place to stay! The house was obviously very guess was that it was built in the 1920's or 30's. The house was completely restored but still held all its charm- where the boards lazily creek under your feet and the doors aren't meant for people over 6 feet to walk through. Where the faucets don't work all that well, and the air is clouded with history.

I love those kind of places. I would lay in bed each night and try to imagine the people who have passed through the place, and how far back those people go.....

I spent time on this swing almost every night, just after the sun went down with my glass of red wine. I would totally put one of these on my own front porch in Vegas if it wasn't so freakin hot in the summer. Sitting on a porch swing when it's 112 outside doesn't sound even remotely appealing.

Here's the view from the master bedroom. Fresh flowers. Lots of privacy. You can see how there was even a small gated area in the front yard for the kids.

There was lots of sturdy, antique-like furniture throughout the house. Lace drapes. Complicated bedspreads. But still a totally kid-friendly pad. I can thank the owner for that. She was extremely thoughtful and hospitable, which made my job easy.

The kids loved the place. I don't think either of them wanted to leave. They even shared a bedroom while we were there- which turned out to be fun for them and not so fun for mom and dad. But we got through it, and actually, it wasn't so bad.

I think next time, we'll rent the cottage for a month and actually summer there. That's my plan, at least.


Merrie said...

Great choice for a vaca spot! And what a darling house. We did that up in Clear Lake in March. A week in a beach type house is just what everyone should have on a regular basis.

The Mom Jen said...

Quaint little place!

** said...

Oh thank goodness, I thought ivillage kidnapped you and ate you!

Cool digs!

Tiff said...

Looks like is was comfy and such a great way to vacation! Love the beachy pics!

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