Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Update: Sex and the City Lady's Lunch

Luckily, my sister-in-law made a surprise visit for the weekend, so I was happy to bring her with me to the SATC lady's lunch. I had met the hostess of the party only once or twice before, so I figured we could be awkward together.

But to my surprise, we were warmly welcomed by the hostess, Kim, with smells of good food to eat and Cosmos in hand! Do I want a cosmopolitan to drink? Um, is the sky blue? Kind of a rhetorical question! There were more women there than I had anticipated, but after some food and drinking, we were all best friends.... comparing our wedding days and husbands. I even had the nerve to flash my new boobs in the kitchen. I know, I'm crazy.

There was a beautiful bouquet of pink tulips in the center of the table. Did you know my mother's favorite flower is the tulip? They always make me think of her.

I was true to my word and brought some sweet, bottled bubbly. My sister-in-law and I drank most of the bottle. Yum. I almost snuck the second bottle into the movie!

I had given my girlfriend, Heather, a recipe for infused pineapple martinis (yum, right?), so she brought me my very own JAR of it left-over from the night before. I felt like I was drinking moonshine........

There were whole wheat cucumber sandwiches, the best baked macaroni and cheese I have ever had, and look at this pizza below!

I know! It's pizza! Yum. I told you my girls can cook.

There was chicken salad in little pastry puffs.
There were marinated veggie kabobs with tomatoes a color I have never seen before. Whatever....I don't care what color they were- they were GOOD.

And then of course there was my favorite course......dessert. Cakes. Cookies. Cheesecake. Toffee bars. Be still my beating heart. I considered sneaking some of that goodness into my purse.

And just to prove to everyone that I actually have friends, I bullied everyone to stand uncomfortably close to each other (just snuggle!) so I could snap a few pictures. I was even able to slip into one of them. This one:

I'm on the end. My sister-in-law is in the pink, standing right in the middle of the girl party. You go, Tiff.

What a crowd we are, eh?

I know for a fact there were cosmos sneaked into water bottles to take to the movie. I know there were big buckets of popcorn consumed in the theatre even after our big meal.

I think I caught a glimpse of a penis sometime in the movie. Oh wait.....there was a movie involved? Oh right! I'm still getting over the food.

To hear about the movie, you'll just have to stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Gasp! I totally made chicken salad in the same pastry puffs for a party on Saturday! So yummy. That party looked like it rocked!

The Mom Jen said...

What fun, the menu sounds divine! Yep, the PENIS! That whole shower scene still makes me tingle...can't wait to hear your version of the movie!

** said...

I'm having SATC envy again. I can't believe I've never seen this show.

Merrie said...

Great party, Tasha! And amazing food! This just makes me want to have another party and see the movie again. I can't see anyone objecting.

musingwoman said...

Yum! Looking forward to your thoughts on the movie. :)

ohAmanda said...

fun! fun! AND yum!

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