Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Swear Word Diaries (adults only, please)

Warning! This blog post is NOT meant for people under 18.

How does that song go?

A time for love, a time for hate....a time for war, a time for peace.

Can I add my own line?

A time to drop the F-bomb.

There is a time and place for a swear word. As most of you know, I enjoy using one. BUT, if you start to use them too much, people get annoyed (at least I do) and, in my humble opinion, they sound trashy. A lady can swear, but she has to know when it's appropriate.

I came across a blog the other day, and no it's not on my blogroll so don't go looking for it, and it was obscene with swear words. It was a mother's blog, and she appeared to be articulate and educated in her writing style. But immediately after the page loads you see "Comment or I'll kill the fucking kitten!" on her side bar. Okay, that might be funny for a second....or more like half a second...but then I felt like saying to her- "was that really necessary?".

I agree that your blog should be whatever you want it to be. It doesn't have to be edited for children. If you want to bring out all your curse words- because you cant say them in your house- then go for it. However, when you've typed fuck 15 times- and you're only at the second paragraph- people tend to zone out.

I suppose it's all relative. I'm sure some people think I swear too much. Actually I know people think that. But please know, that when I swear, I use the word with the utmost respect. It has a place in my heart, but I will only bring it out on special occasions when I feel like it deserves a spotlight. Because when you say "No fucking way!", you want it to mean something, right?

What's your opinion?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, no swearing makes for a boring vocaulary. However, rampant swearing means you're a dumbass with no creativity and a very limited vocabulary.
And, for some reason recently, my inner dialogue is VERY foul. F-bombs everywhere. I'm not sure why.

A Christian Mom said...

I agree with you, there is a time & a place for them. I'm not opposed to someone using them on their blog either, but just like watching TV, when it's every other word, it gets old, fast.

Kathy said...

W-T-F! I love a good swear word, but I agree with you, lol.

** said...

I couldn't agree more. It has to pack punch! Overuse takes the zing out of it! Even in my day to day life I know that I might be using naughty naughty words to much if the hubs ever stops being "shocked". So far that hasn't happened so I'm good to go!

Anonymous said...

totally f-ing agree 100% :)

nope said...

LOL! I know I swear to much, I might as well be a drunkin sailor.. But I find that when I am writing I feel "naughty" putting it in there. I tend to put one in here and there for some "adult" content and not to bore the bajasus out of everyone..

Cookie said...

I happened to find you thought SITS in a round about way. I had to leave a comment and say that I agree! I pretty much never swear, but when I do it's the F-bomb and VERY rare! So watch out! Haha!JK Really though I do agree!

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