Monday, June 9, 2008

The Sister-in-Law comes to visit!

As I said before, my SIL, Tiffany, made a guest appearance at my house a few weeks ago. She came from Oklahoma, where my husband and she grew up. She brought along her husband and their son (my nephew!), James who is 2 like my daughter, Ava. I had never met James until this visit, and my SIL had never met Ava. It was fun for us, since throwing toddlers together- and seeing how the react- is always least for me. Amazingly, the cousins got along fabulously. No "mine!" or tantrums until the last day of their visit. That's pretty good for 2-year-olds if you ask me.

The highlight of the visit was taking everyone down to the Bellagio. That hotel and casino is my all-time favorite. It has to most amazing flower gardens I've ever seen (or smelled). If you've been there you know what I'm talking about. The Bellagio also has enormous water fountains in front of it....and I swear, after watching them this time, they've made the water go even higher. I've seen the gardens and fountains a million times, but it never gets old. I'm amazed every time I see it.

When it was time for Tiffany to leave, I didn't want her to go. Which usually for me, after someone stays at my house, I'm ready to have it back to myself. But she and I are so comfortable- which I love- it's like she wasn't even a guest. She's the easiest, most thoughtful guest a person could host. Her family is always welcome at my house.

That includes you, too, Sara (this is my other SIL, in case you were wondering). Come and visit me- I'll show you the city the way it should be seen!

So for your viewing pleasure, here's some pictures from that weekend.

The other kinda funny thing about being on the strip is, no matter what day it is, or what time it is, there's always someone around who's getting married. There are women in white dresses everywhere you look. Amazing. I tried to be sneaky about taking this bride's picture- I wanted her to think I was taking my OWN picture- not hers. But she wasn't looking anyway, so I got away with it without looking like some crazy bride stalker.

Don't you just love 2-year-old faces? I think that's one of the best things about being a parent. These two were in awe watching the little fountains inside. You cant really see it, but Ava and James are in a single stroller together. Yea. That's called ghetto-strolling. I actually broke a wheel off my stroller that day from doing this. Oh well. It was fun.

My Sister-in-law Tiffany and her husband, Mark. Aren't they cute? I want to thank Mark for Macgyvering my stroller wheel back on. He went and found a paperclip and somehow got the wheel back on the stroller. Men are good for stuff like that.

This is what I love to walk behind. My man and my kids. Together. *Sniff*

And at the end of a very busy day, we stuck the cousins in bed together to watch their favorite shows. Do you like Jack's Superman PJs? It even has a cape.


** said...

J has those jammies!! Precious pictures!! You are a good sister-in-law!!

Anonymous said...

My little neice loves my youngest son and it's so cute to see them play together. He's not quite as into her as she is too him. It's funny...she follows him around almost like she's trying to irritate him and he takes the bait. I found your site through my SIL "Cheaper than therapy".

Tiff said...

Awwww, ~blush~. Thank you for such a great time! "Church" (Tasha's nickname for the Bellagio on Sunday morning) was so relaxing! A stroll through all the fresh flowers was so very pretty-and the kids had fun which was an extra bonus! BTW girls, Tasha is the best hostess ever!

Anonymous said...

I so remember being a kid and having cousins over to stay. We always thought it was cool to get to sleep on the pull out sofa!

First time on your blog. Love all the pics.

Katie said...

I love the pic with the bride in the back ground! That is SO you to do something like that! Hee hee.

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