Thursday, June 5, 2008

Music artists I'm embarrassed to love.....

....but will admit what they are for the sake of a good blog post.

I think the ipod is a brilliant invention, because you get to download all those cheese ball, embarrassing songs that you love to love, and NO ONE has to know. I know everyone has those songs on their pod.

What's yours?

Here's mine. Seriously, don't laugh.

Richard Marx. I like just about everything by him. I will blast and sing along to "Should've Known Better" or "Endless Summer Nights" anytime I am alone in the car. Love it.

Kenny G. I can still remember Vivian in "Pretty Woman" playing Kenny G, naked, waiting for her millionaire man to come home....

Michael Bolton. Okay this one is really embarrassing. I don't like everything, but some. And btw, he looks MUCH better with short hair. He's almost handsome. Yea, I said it.

Britney Spears. She is perfect for running at the gym, or drunk and dancing at a club. That's about it, but still totally usable. Her new album is slutty and fun.

Frank Sinatra. Now, although this isn't embarrassing all the time, you will get funny looks if you're singing "New York New York" while you're strolling through the aisles at Target. Yea. Been there. I love Frank.

Kenny Loggins. Dude. This one one of the TOP most embarrassing, but oh so good, artists on my pod. I bet Kenny Loggins makes a fortune on iTunes! How can you not sing along to "Danger Zone" or "Footloose"? He sings one of my all-time favorite songs called "The Real Thing". Scroll down on the linked page to hear a sample.


The Mom Jen said...

George Michael and Wham! Oh yeah! ;)

The 80's version of both...GM now is a tad scary.

Love this idea for a post, i may nab!

** said...

I love this post idea too.... Dang Dang Dang.... Double Dang!!!

Jessica Simpson
Hall & Oats
Barry Manilow
Kool & the Gang

And I don't even have my ipod in front of my right now.... DANG

Kacey said...

"Hiiighwaay to the danger zone..."

Well, at least that will replace "Dora the Explorer" as the song running through my head tonight, over and over!

I could have written this post (minus the Michael Bolton. Seriously?). But I must say, I'm PROUD to love Frank! ;-)

A Christian Mom said...

I love Richard Marx, to! lol Wham! Tears for Fears... LMBO.

Merrie said...

Okay, I've got the Kenny Loggins, too. Here's my shame list:
Bad English
Cheap Trick
David Foster (Does anyone else even know who that is??)
ONE Jessica Simpson song
Stony Sixma (Again, anyone?)

That's enough humilations for now.

Anonymous said...

I sing at the top of my lungs to "Said I loved you but I lied" and I LIKE IT!
AND I loved Milli Vanilli when I was in middle school. I felt so betrayed when I found out...

Anonymous said...

I must ditto Lindsey on the Milli Vanilli. I STILL own the remix cassette! Yes I do! I don't have anything to play it on, but I have it. Ah Richard Marx. I talked to him live on the radio when he played my city back in the 80's. I was a squealing little squawker and gushed. There are witnesses. And don't let Hanson's "Mmm Bop" come on. I will shake the cellulite. Oh yes I will...

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