Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's too much! Stop the madness!

Things I know I need to give an update to:

Sex and the City Movie review. I know, know....that was over a week ago and I still haven't posted about how the movie was. I will. I promise. There's a penis involved. I cant skip something like that.

"Ask the Housewife" Q&A. I know you guys wont be able to sleep well at night until I answer your (awesomely awesome) questions. I'm still taking mental notes about the smart-ass answers I'm going to give. Stay tuned.

Alexa's Birthday Party update. Playboy Club! Moon! This is a good one. Lots of pictures coming for this post. But I need to clean the pics up first- you know, like cut my face out of one of my own pics and paste them into the pictures I stole off a some Vegas socialite's album.

That was a joke, btw. I really was there. And I really have those friends. Really.

I also have a few additional blogs up my sleeve that should be really good. They will give good eye candy and maybe even a laugh or two. Stephanie- this means your favorite clothes website!

But here's the thing. I'm crazy busy. I have not one, but two part-time jobs from home. Did I ever mention the second job? Oh great. Add that to the list of blogs I need to post. On top of the jobs, I have kids. 2 kids. And they're here 24 hours a day- since Jack is done with school until the fall. Sweet. Today was one of those days that I wanted to bang my head against the wall until I knocked myself out. Las Vegas isn't exactly the ideal town for having activities for small children. I keep trying to bring them with me to the casinos and they keep throwing me out. Damn.

That was another joke, btw.

Lots of events are happening for the Las Vegas Housewife in the next few weeks. Lots to gossip about. Lots to blog about. Lots of pictures to be taken. And I swear I'll share it all with you, as long as you promise to be patient with me.

Quality sarcasm takes time.

You'll get your kicks, I swear. So just sit back, relax, and pace yourself. I tell my husband that all the time.


** said...

I'm with ya sistah, I'm with ya. So don't mind me... even if I do check to see if you've posted something like one MILLION times a day. It's only because I care :)

The Mom Jen said...

You are busy...and a job...what's that? LOL...oh and my kids are being watched by Elmo and the Little Einsteins, i throw them a few snacks here and there, they share a water bowl. So I know your sitch.

I am joking CPS.

Merrie said...

I'm envious of all the topics you have up your sleeve. I've been a little dry in that area today. Plus, too busy reading a thousand other blogs. Looking forward to your updates!

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