Friday, June 6, 2008

Ask The Housewife

Stealing this From Jen at Cheaper than Therapy. She even made me my very own post header! Yay! Thank you, Jen. XOXO!
Ever wanted to ask the Las Vegas Housewife a question? Need to know why the sky is blue? Or why you only spill food on clothes you've been wearing for less that an hour? How about why Las Vegas is so fun in some ways, and so shitty in others? Having an issue with a family member? Need kid advice? I'm here to answer any question you can think up. Challenge me. I'm pretty street smart- I've done some pretty screwed up things, and been through crap you'd just shake your head at. I also live in a pretty crazy city.
Just ask my husband. Or my mom.
Those experiences make me a great person to ask random questions to, right? I'll guarantee an answer to every question- which I will post on a future blog- I just don't guarantee what that answer will be. Hee hee.

So my question to you is- are you feeling brave enough to ask me a question?


** said...

Have you ever actually WON any money gambling?

What part of Colorado did you live in and for how long?

How far do you live from the strip?

The Mom Jen said...

Here's my first question....would you like me to make you your own little title box?? I would LOVE to ya would say, "Ask the Housewife"? Even if you don't I will! LOL!

Katie said...

My question is: How in the world do you start potty training? Especially when the kiddo would care less! Thanks sis! :)

Merrie said...

Have you eaten at Nobu in Vegas, and is it as good as they say? (I'll be there in Aug and am thinking about it.)

The Mom Jen said...

Okay Tasha, check your email! ;)

Oh and a real question....

What is your favorite cocktail to make? Fave to drink?

Anonymous said...

I'm coming to Vegas in February of next year and my friends want to drag me to the dam, the choclate factory, and the wax museum. I'd rather be in the spa or at a buffet. Who's right?

TTownDiva said...

I love watching Hells Kitchen. There is a restaurant from the show in Vegas owned by chef Ramsey. My question is have you ever eaten there? Here's some other questions:
What's the best way to get grease stains out of clothing?
What will you miss the most if you ever leave Vegas?
Have you seen any celebrities in Vegas?
What do you love about being married to my brother/hate about being married to my brother?
If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would you go?
What's the funniest thing you have encountered with your internet monitoring job?
I have a tendency to nag, what's the best way to keep myself from doing that?
What do you miss the most about Colorado?
Who's your favorite sister-in-law?

Big Red said...

How do I stop my child from putting random things in her mouth? At 4 I don't think I should have to tell her not to eat what she just found in the cracks of the car seat.

Michelle W said...

If you could live anywhere besides Vegas, where would it be and why?

Anonymous said...

What are some of the "pretty screwed up things" you've done, and what are some examples of the "crap" you've been through that we'd "just shake [our] heads at?"

Closer to Lucy said...

Okay Vegas Bartender gone Philly Housewife ~ Do you have a super easy at home recipe for a Chocolate Martini, using crap I probably already have? I was gonna go with doing vodka shooters and chocolate bar chasers, but hubby said no.

Tasha said...


Haha you're funny!

What's up with your hubby? Smack him, why don't ya?

Kidding kidding!

Ideally, a choc martini is best with a vanilla vodka - I prefer Stoli. If you just have regular vodka that's ok, too. Also, do you have creme de cacao? Or any chocolate liqueur will do.

2 oz vodka

1/2 oz choc liqueur

Shake the shit out of it in ice

Strain into a chocolate syrup lined martini glass. The other thing I like to do (at home) is add a little chocolate milk to the drink before I shake it in ice (especially if you don't have the liqueur). Not too much, it will get curdled fast, but enough to smooth it out a little. It's one of those you have to taste to get it right. *wink wink* You could also use Kahlua, but it will change the flavor a bit.

I didn't bartend for six years in two different states for nothin. Heehee. Remind me to tell you about the mural a regular painted (of me standing behind the bar) on the wall of the bar I worked at in San Diego! It's still up, too. ;P

XO Tasha

Closer to Lucy said...

OMG those are so much better than the recipes that I had! I bar backed in NM for a couple of years, but used a company mix that I have never been able to duplicate.

As far as hubby I can't make excuses for him. He's stricly a beer or Henesy man. No sense of adventure.

Do tell about the mural!

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