Monday, June 23, 2008

Alexa's Birthday: Update!

We are a fun group. And amazingly, our husbands are fun, too. They even like each other. So we brought the boys with least everyone else did. Mine stayed home with the kids- for a number of reasons. The main one being that we had no babysitter. Not an uncommon occurrence in our house.

We went to Gardunos for dinner- Alexa's choice. Not because she loves the place, but because- being the good hostess that she is- didn't want to break the bank with the dinner bill before we had even gotten serious in our partying. I had a peach margarita (yum!) and the scallop linguine- which was good but a little too spicy. I will admit I'm a complete wimp when it comes to spicy food. I've just never had the willpower to eat something that was so spicy I couldn't even taste it. Been there? Yea. Not me.

But there was still plenty of goofing off and giggling to make up for my burning mouth. My new boobs were a hot topic, and Alexa had a little fun with the girls. They looked great in my dress, after all. I squished them up big time for the event.

This was the view from the Playboy Club. Pretty Sweet. It's near the top of the second Palms

tower. Now, although the Playboy Club sounds cool and sexy, in my opinion the views (of the bunnies and the strip) were the best part. The Bunnies we fun to stare at. They were beautiful of course, and even the card dealers and bartenders were bunnies. But, when I'd try to go up to talk to them, they weren't friendly....not even a little......and to be blunt......they were bitches. Now, I'm sure it's a very prestigious job, and thousands of women showed up for the casting call. But I don't think it's in their job requirement to say before they agree to pose for a picture-
"Hurry up, my break's almost over."
Because- seriously- one of them said that to me.
Huh? Your break? You're standing here in the middle of the room in a freakin BUNNY leotard.....can I just get a damn picture of you? And could you SMILE like you like it?

I know...I ask a lot.

This is the front of the main bar- you see this right when you step off the elevator into the club. Pretty amazing. And for the lady's enjoyment, they had male bartenders at this one. Yes! I happily ordered a $12 Long Island Iced Tea. It was a good, strong drink. But $12? Sheesh.

The girls took a moment to pose for yet another picture. I actually have a tan in these pictures, too. Makes me look better. I wish tanning was healthy, because if it was I'd do it all the time. If I'm not tan, I usually end up looking like a sickly, pale chick who eats too much. Isn't it amazing how being tan can make you look thinner? Damn! I hate that!

We finished the night at Moon. This was at the very tippy-top of the Palms tower. The views were spectacular. The music was good. It was still "early" as far as clubs go (11pm) when we got there so the dance floor was dead. I'm sorry, but I am no longer capable of staying awake until 4am to get the good club hours in. I wish I was, but the work/kids/life thing sorta gets in the way. I'm very grateful to Alexa for bringing me along to her birthday bash, though!

Overall, I had a really good time. I got to fully experience The Palms- something I hadn't done yet. They only thing I wouldn't go back to is The Playboy Club... and I wouldn't suggest it for an out-of-town guest, either. It's overrated. It's overpriced. It's just not worth it to be treated like shit just to "be there". Sorry Hef, I'll take my boobs elsewhere.


Merrie said...

Thanks for the tips! We'll be there in Aug, and I won't worry about missing anything at Playboy. You know, all we ask is that the bunnies be friendly! I think you should write Hef a letter!

The Mom Jen said...

"The Girls" are looking great! Love that you have great couple friends, that's so cool!

** said...

Awww dumb bunnies, dumb! Dumb mean bunnies suck!

You however holy hotness

Anonymous said...

Damn girl, look at those knockers!

Tiff said...

WTH are those bunnies thinking? They were just jealous 'cause your boobs are so fabulous! They should have been asking YOU for the photos!

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