Saturday, May 17, 2008

Soups and Swear Words

My son is 4 years old, going on 30. I know everyone says that about their kid- that they act older than their age- but mine really does.
I've been trying to teach him that he cant say swear words. He seems pretty receptive to it, except for the "but you and dad say them..." kind of answer. Oops. The worst I say is "oh my God!", which my valley girl mouth is working on. I try to save most of my swear words for my blog- you guys are totally lucky for that.
My husband is getting better, but certain words still escape his mouth fairly often. Just as I was typing this, he said "shit". See what I mean? Hee hee.
So last week, I told Jack that he needed to come up with another word to use when he's frustrated. He just cant go around saying "Dammit!". My kid isn't going to start swearing until he's at least 8. Kidding kidding. Jack said he would think long and hard to find just the right word to use. Sweet. This parenting stuff ain't so hard.....
Jack came to me the other day and declared that he had come up with his word. I'm guessing you already have an idea of what it is?
"Aww, SOUPS!"
"Soups?" I ask him.
"Yea, soups. It sounds funny"
"You're right, it does sound funny. It's a good word."
So "Soups!" it is. Maybe I should start trying to use this instead of 'oh my god'.....
"Oh my soups!"
Leave it to my kid to come up with FOOD as a swear word replacement. I'm so proud!


musingwoman said...

Oh, my soups. Love it!

Some my kids used: I don't give a dandelion, Your a pain in the asphalt, and Fudge monkey.

One I came up with (and that really dates me!) is: Oh, my Inagodadivida.

Jeanna said...

Too cute! I love kids.

Tracey said...

You must have been hanging around Landon lately! :) He has started this "Oh My Gosh!" think lately.

Tasha said...

Ah ha ha! I love oh my Inagodadivida!

The Mom Jen said...

Hubby and I use FRIENDSHIP for the f-word.

I once heard My Boy say, "blasted!" I freaked because I though he said bastard!

Anonymous said...

Mike and I used to drop the "s" word a lot. We replaced it with shoot and sugar around Zach. Last week, Zach dropped a jar of olives on the kitchen floor (didn't break) and an emphatic "oh, sugar!" escaped his lips. Mike and I just looked at each other and gave each other that *whew* look. Then today he dropped the peanut butter jar on the floor and yelled, "shoot." Oh, soup sounds great to me, lol!

ohAmanda said...

Hey, whatever works!

Kate said...


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