Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Secret Lives of Suburban Wives

Yet another new blog I've stumbled across. I want to write for this blog, don't you? Think about it. It's all anonymous, so you can just let it go. I'm imagining all the crap I could come up with.....

What I really think of my neighbors.

Did she really just say that to me?

My husband does a good job at faking his OCD (okay, not really).

Every one's family has the "crazy one". My family has like 4 of them.

I live in a very cool town and I cant stop thinking about getting the hell out of it.

Sounds juicy, right? What's your secret juicy story?


Anonymous said...

Um. I have no secrets anymore. I put everything on my blog for the world to see. My next self-humiliation will be before and after pics from the gym contest of misery. I need mental help.
(OK, there IS the Big, Tall Texan story. But my mom reads my blog, so I guess it would HAVE to be posted anonymously.)

Cathie said...

I must keep my juicy secrets to myself and I have many many juicy ones! I know I am a tease.

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