Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have one word to describe my bloggy self over the last week:


I know, I know. I've been a slacker, haven't I? I guess I've just been caught up in life, kids, husband....all that jazz. So here's a couple of thoughts that have been wandering around in my brain lately.

I was reading a new blog yesterday, and she posted a list of all the shows that have been recently cancelled. I'm in mourning this morning! Hey I just made a rhyme. I'm a poet and I didn't know it!

What the hell? Why do the networks torture me like this? They must have known I was watching. Why would they give me these great shows and then selfishly take them away so quickly? They didn't even tell me they were taking them off the air. At least tell me before you do it, network. Give me some closure for Pete's sake. Ugh. If you want to see the list for yourself, go here. *Sniff*

So, rest in peace Journeyman, 4400, The Dead Zone, and New Amsterdam. You will be sorely missed.

Some other shows that I'm enjoying that are still on (and I'm praying to God they don't get yanked, too) are

Man VS Wild on Discovery Channel. They stick an Aussie into crazy, hard to survive places all over the world, where you get to see him romp around, sometimes half naked, and eat bugs and spiders and sometimes drink his own pee. YES! My husband even likes watching this one. It's all about surviving on what you have, and where to look for things to help you stay alive. Now, although I doubt I will ever be stranded in the Namibia desert, it wouldn't hurt to know what's good to eat there, right? From the most recent episode, I hear it's scorpions and snakes. Mmmmmm. And the 'Man' host- Bear Grylls- is extremely easy on the eyes.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel. Are you seeing any similarities to my shows yet? Ha. This is another show where a guy (who is a chef and food critic) travels all around the world and eats the strangest, most disgusting things you've ever (and never) heard of. Pure queasy-to-your-stomach entertainment. His motto is: If it looks good, EAT it!". See if you can get through a whole episode without barfing. And if you really like Andrew Zimmern, he even has his own food blog. He does an excellent job at food descriptions, and is a very appealing writer to say the least!

Medium. This is probably one of my all time favorites. It stars Patricia Arquette and the show's writers just get better and better. This season just ended and I pray to the network gods that I'll get to see more new episodes before I die. We'll see.

CSI. Did you see the most recent episode? They brought in the writers from Two and a half Men for this particular episode. It was brilliant- so funny and fresh. Next week Warrick gets in some major hot water. Should be interesting. I hear this is the beginning of the actor's exit from the show. I'm worried that, with all the main actors stepping out, they'll end this amazing show this or next season. *sniff*

The Hills. Okay, I am seriously embarrassed about this one, but I watch every week. Spencer is a tool, Heidi had too much plastic surgery, Lo is turning into a bitch, and Lauren needs to make amends with Audrina! Okay, enough said! I'm going to go blush (puke) in the bathroom now!


The Mom Jen said...

Yay you're back! (hubby needs to get cracking on that Lexapro Chronicles gig)

The Mom Jen said...

SHIZZLE, I wasn't done and hit send...My boy and Hubby LOVE Man vs. Wild! Did you see the one where he walked (in his undies) straight into that gloppy, goopy, muddy, swamp-like thing? OMG we paused and replayed that in slo-mo over and over laughing our butts off!

Toni said...

I *heart* The Hills

And am so upset about October Road.

Crawling back into my corner now :)

Anonymous said...

My husband will crawl into bed at 11pm, well past my tolerance for conversation, and whisper, "Guess what Bear did? He filtered yak blood through his shirt and it turned into water!!!" Bear, you are a very capable man, but I hate you.

Kacey said...

My husband LOVES "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman". I can't stand to watch it because I get too grossed out!

Now I'm going to go be disappointed about "Cane" and "October Road". Thanks a lot! :-)

ohAmanda said...

I didn't know New Amsterdam was getting cancelled! I liked that whole concept. Stink.

Gina said...

1. Love both Man vs Wild and Bizarre Foods. My DH likes Survivorman, too. Personally I like Bear better. DH is also big on Alaska Adventure or something like that where they've taken all the yuppies and stuck 'em in the wild in Alaska.

I'm sad that Women's Murder Club has been cancelled. This is the 2nd new series that Angie Harmon has been in that's gotten the ax (the last one was that show that took place in an infertility clinic and it *needed* to get the ax).

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