Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Epicurean Affair 2008

As I said before , the Epicurean Affair was probably one of the coolest events my hubby and I have ever been to. It was incredible in every way. Very VEGAS, and very over the top. What it was was where you could go and sample the best food and drinks from the most popular restaurants in town. Sounds yummy, right? It was! But the entertainment almost trumped the food and booz. I don't know if I told you, but I'm a closet wannabe go-go dancer. Okay. Enough said.
So right when we walked in, there were muscle men handing out programs, and girls in champagne glasses. Girls in champagne glasses! Okay- I've changed my dream job from go-go dancer to 'girl in champagne glass'. If anyone needs one, just give me a call. I'd be happy to do it. I'll even bring my own glass.

I was taking pictures like mad, forgetting to eat, and running around like a kid in a toy store. I even started getting teased by my husband's co-workers (all men, of course) for checking out the girls. Hey now! I'm just looking at their clothes.....and their gorgeous professional bodies......and watching their dancing. And I was! Every time I'd wander off from the boring business mingling conversations I'd hear as I was walking off- "Matt, your wife is taking pictures of the girls again." I'm sure my hubby's co-workers think I'm a total lesbian.

Hee hee....I'm not. But hey, I'm not ashamed. The women were there to be looked at. I even began the night asking each gal if I could take her picture. Isn't that polite of me?
Well, some told me NO- NO!? Can you believe that!? The one that told me no that I thought was funniest was wearing a thong and pasties- and that's IT. And she's telling me I cant take her picture at this event? Come come now!
So after awhile I just stopped asking. The chicks are there for my entertainment......and I HAVE to bring these pictures home to show you guys, after all. On top of that I don't get out much. So I need something to look at to remind myself that I'm still capable of being cool.

We had such a good time. My hubby even agreed to let me take his picture at one point.
There were ICE bars all over the place. So cool.
Lucky for me, most of the go-gos loved getting their picture taken, and even posed for me. Seems that chicks prefer to pose for other chicks as opposed to some random dude. Look at those go-go legs.

This is one of my most prized pictures. I even got the showgirl to hold my leg. I was glad I shaved before I went. She was very sweet and gracious. I look like a fat cow next to her. Maybe I need to choose the fat showgirl to pose with next time.......oh wait, there isn't a such thing as a fat showgirl. Damn.

Hands off, boys. This was one of my hubby's co-workers- the GUY, not the girl. He was fun. I kept trying to get the girls to talk to him (since he's single). Hee hee- what are friends for?
Amazing pole dancers here. And notice this pole- along with the bar beyond it- was built OVER the pool. Very cool... but someone had to have fallen into that once the night got going.....I'm just glad it wasn't me.

This was another complete ICE bar. From top to bottom. The pictures just don't do it justice. And a girl on a swing. Another job I'd love to have. Notice she's looking at me. Thanks!

More go-go girls. I told you, they were everywhere. Every station. Every corner. Every pool. I had to get them all- I didn't want to leave some out and have hurt feelings, you know? That was a joke, BTW.

So after we had our fill of the event, we played some cards in one of the nearby casinos. Did I mention I'm a shark at black jack? Well I am. Just ask my husband. He sat me down with $60, and I walked away an hour later with $185. I paid the babysitter with my winnings. Ha.
It's just part of being a Las Vegas housewife.
There were go-go dancers IN the casino, around the tables, too. Wow. Cant ever get enough of those go-go girls.
I'm praying to God that we get to hit this event again next year. Anyone want to join us? Buy your tickets now! You can sleep at my place!


The Mom Jen said...

Wow look at your life! I go to Bingo and you hang out in bars with Go-Go Dancers...I'm in! I've got a year to trim down and I'm bringing my thong!

Anonymous said...

Aside from the fact that all of the people in your pictures, including you, are photogenic and I'm seething with jealousy, one fact popped out at me. You forgot to eat? Bring me with you next year. I'll try everything and bring you the good stuff. We'll be the perfect team.

Unknown said...

WOW. We are SO there next year!!

** said...

I don't know that I'm cool enough for this. I am going to have to read this post a few times to take it all in! WOW

Cathie said...

That is it! I am so coming out there! Our kids can meet right? At least this time I can't get preggo in Vegas.....

admin said...

Hey Tasha,
Thanks for stopping by my blog I'll let you know when I am in Vegas. Looks like you guys are having way too much fun. I need a little of that fun in my life. I'll be checking back soon.

Anonymous said...

You sure love strippers

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