Saturday, May 3, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Do you ever go for really long periods without wearing makeup?

I know lots of moms out there don't wear makeup at all, but I am definitely not one of those moms. I was blessed with really big bags under my eyes- I can thank my mom for that- and I refuse to go out in public without at least trying to hide them. Parenting, lack of sleep, age, and stress (geez I could go on...) have only encouraged those darn eye bags. I also have the blondest of blond eyelashes, so going without mascara makes me look funny. Not that I care if I look "funny" most of the time at home, but if I leave the house people start to stare.....

Kidding. But seriously, I'm very self conscious without some sort of "face" on if I leave the house. I'd really prefer if people wouldn't run away screaming in terror when I walk into a room.

Anyway, back to my question. Do you ever go for days without makeup on? I do.

Apparently I get used to looking at my face that way, because these days when I actually put on a face, it's like a revelation. It's like "So that's what I look like...!" kind of feeling. I guess forget that I can look better than I do at home in my sweats- with food and boogers on my shirt and no makeup on. I can actually take a shower, put on some reasonable clothes, and put on a face and voila! I look like a person again! Who knew!?


The Mom Jen said...

I always have to do concealer. Like ALWAYS, even before bed. You never know who'll show up in my dreams.

Heredity. The only time I don't is when I'm wearing my glasses, they kinda hide stuff of the scary kind.

** said...

I dunno how to look decent any more? I need to take some classes. I look at old photos and think, that was me? No way?!

Anonymous said...

Um, I'm in the Uncle-Fester-under-eye-bags club, too. It blows. I wear concealer to the gym, otherwise I scare people. They think I'm a corpse come to life.

Kate said...

I can and do go out without make up but not that often. The truth is that I just like putting make up on, it's fun. I also think it's important to fix myself up before DH gets home. I know that's soooooo 50's but I think it's nice. I'm kind of a master at very natural make up and feel like it's just one important area of my self expression.

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