Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yard sale!

We're going to attempt a yard sale this weekend. I will fully admit that I don't really know what the hell I'm doing, but I'll do my best to fake it. It's put an add in the paper, make a couple of signs for the neighborhood, and throw a bunch of your crap out on the driveway and VOILA! You have yourself a yard sale! Right?

I've held onto all the baby *stuff* we accumulated over the years- swings, highchairs, Bumbos, a cradle, TONS of random toys.....I'm going to try and sell all of it. I would totally give it to a friend who needed baby stuff but, all my friends have had their babies! Wow, am I that old already? Anyway, my next thought was to give it to Goodwill. But be blunt, we spent a lot of money on everything. Baby stuff ain't cheap. So I want to make a little $$ back. My plan is to put the earnings into my kid's college fund. Good decision, right? Although I did think about taking myself out for a mani/pedi with it after all the work it's going to take to pull off the sale!

So, this weekend will be bittersweet. Getting rid of all my baby's baby stuff is kind of a big deal. I will never have baby things around again. My babies aren't babies anymore! But I'm also very happy and very excited that I'm finished with it. I'm ready to move on, and I think my kids are, too.


ohAmanda said...

Good luck. I did a yard sale last year, I think. It stunk. Maybe it was just me. (How's that for some encouragement?)

Anonymous said...

I just sold my high chair and other baby stuff, too! Was kinda sad, but glad to clear the garage space. I've kept alot of clothes for lil 'sis just in case. And, I kept my bassinet--just couldn't stand the thought of giving that up. Hope your sale goes great! We made a little over $200 last was quite funny. Sara-n-Kevo, Mark, James & I hustlin' all the customers. :)

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.

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