Thursday, April 3, 2008

Return to the Treadmill

It's my 2 week boobiversary today. Isn't that word funny? My friend Heather says that. Boobiversary. They've softened up a lot in the past week. Still lots of yucky tingly sensations on them, though. I realize I still have a long way to go.

This week I returned to the gym (with my doctor's blessing of course). He said I could even run again if I felt the long as I wore my sports bra and girdle. How the hell is someone supposed to run a couple of miles with a girdle on? Um, no thanks. I'm not ready to work my arms or chest with weights yet either. I don't really have a reason, I just think it's too soon. But I was anxious to get some much needed exercise and show off my new rack to the other housewives that go to the gym during the day.

I did 30 minutes of fast walking to begin the hour. It was okay the first 20 minutes, and then I started to feel weird twinges in my stomach. Eww. Maybe that means I'm pushing it too hard? I dunno. I'm really not one of those maniac exercise people. Actually I'm pretty lazy. The best part about the gym is being able to drop the kids off at the playroom and ahhhhhhh, a whole 2 hours to myself! No distractions, no "MOOOOMMMMM!". Just me, among other adults (just being around them is enough for me), zoning out to my ipod.

For that, I'll exercise.

And maybe one of these days my body will actually respond to all my hard work and lose some weight. I'm convinced my body likes this fat, and it apparently likes wearing a size (deep breath) 12. I myself prefer the size 8 I was in before Ava was born but, whatever. Maybe my body and I can come to a happy medium. I did just stick a bunch of silicone in it so I'll give it a few weeks to get used to the idea.

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dirtyduck said...

"and show off my new rack to the other housewives"

hahah thats exactly what id be doing:)!!!

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