Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's a Sunshine Day!

Yes, it is, but that's not what I'm talking about.

Yesterday, I had my kids in the car with me. Oh wait...I always have my kids in the car with me. My husband doesn't like it when I leave them home alone. That was a joke, by the way. Anyway, we were driving along quietly, and then the Brady Bunch Kids came on the radio and totally ruined the calm mood. See, having two kids means NEVER getting to listen to your own music. It means hearing Laurie Berkner, Ernie and Bert, and Raffi over and over and OVER again. The kids never get enough.

I suppose I could listen to my own music in the car, but it would be accompanied by the sounds of screaming and crying. I guess either one can be torture. I choose the Brady Bunch over Ava's screeching most days.

OW MY EARS! My ears are bleeding! Those Brady kids are awful.

Remember when you when were a kid, and quality singing just didn't matter as much? I remember watching those Brady kids and thinking they were pretty cool....and they could sing, too! Wow. I can just imagine those producers....what, were they high on crack at the time?....thinking "YEA, let's get those kids to SING, too!". But really, they were right- kids don't give a crap if someone can sing.

Their parents do, though.

I was driving along listening to this "singing" trying not to crash into another car- because hearing little Bobby's solo was almost too much for my poor ears to handle. But my kids loved it. Jack was very quiet the first part of the song (Jack is never quiet), and then he said "Mom I think I like this song!".

Go figure. Damn those Bradys.

If you want to hear the torture for yourself, listen to it here.


The Mom Jen said...

EARMUFFS!! Or earplugs.

Luckily K likes Fergie! and Hannah Montana, so we're mostly cool, until I decide I wanna listen to Aerosmith, then all hells bells brakes loose!

Tammy said...

oh, you poor thing! I'm sorry! I just make my boys listen to what I want..then eventually they learn to like it too! I'm such a mean mom..but I dont think I could handle The Brady Kids! AHH!

Anonymous said...

Omg...the guy on the sidelines with that fake smile was just creepy. What I want to know is why you have the Brady Kids on cd?? :-)

ohAmanda said...

Did I miss the part as to WHY you have a cd with the Brady Kids on it?

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