Monday, April 14, 2008

Deep Thoughts

I've decided I freakin love 'conversation recollections' in that a real sentence?

I was reading Jodi's blog this morning and she has a really funny one up. See, her husband is European and has an accent. It makes things that much more interesting for their family (now that they live in the states). So she wrote a blog about ordering food at the drive-through. Read her blog about it here. It made me laugh...more than once.

Here's one of mine from this past weekend:

The hubby and I have been talking about getting out to Northern California this summer to see my folks. They live in a very beautiful town, and the hubby and I haven't been there in years. Four years to be exact. So we've been checking out local vacation rentals near my parent's house (since they don't have room to put the four of us up). We found some adorable little cottages, right by the beach, that have 2 bedrooms and a full kitchen.....the perfect way to travel with small children. And anyone who has small kids knows what the hell I'm talking about. You put two adults, a 2 year old and a 4 year old into a little hotel room with two queen sized beds and..... well, do I really need to finish that sentence? It's insane. On top of the normal craziness, my husband snores... bless his heart. He tries really hard not to, but it's just a part of who he is. I've accepted it, being the caring, considerate wife that I am. Remember that, honey, the next time I slap you while you sleep.

Imagine what a chainsaw trapped in a bucket of mucus sounds like. Yea. Got it? Now try sleeping next to that. Um no. And no matter what secret potions he takes, or pieces of tape he puts on his nose, or how much booze he drinks, or sleeping pills he takes....nothing quiets the chainsaw. So the chainsaw travels with us. But he gets to sleep in another room.

Which is why this cottage idea is such a great one. Lots of space, a kitchen for those toddler snacks that you have to have or else shit hits the fan, and an extra room for the chainsaw. Sweet.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yea, I was talking about my conversation recollection from this weekend. We were looking at cottages yesterday, and this is how it went:

Me: Hey you know, if we go see my parents, we can have the kids spend the night over at their house! They're old enough for that now, right? (Husband is excitedly nodding) Then we can go out and have some fun on our own for a night! We can stay out late (that means past ten lol). And then I can sleep in in the morning. How cool would that be?

Husband: That WOULD be cool. And we could drink wine and do it.

(Not exactly the answer I was expecting but okay...)

Me: Do it?

Husband: Yea, do it.

Me: (giggle) Do it.

So even though my conversation wasn't nearly as clever or funny as Jodi's, it still makes me laugh. I love reading them. So if you have your own, please share. I'd love to laugh at you, too.


The Mom Jen said...

Gah! Hubby talks of "doing it" too like we're fracking 18.

I do hope you get time away!

I'm cracking up at Jodi's post. Dh doesn't have an accent but forces me to order at drive thru's from the PASSENGER side!

Anonymous said...

Aww, shucks, Tasha... I'm all giddy over here from the linky love. You're so sweet :)

Hope you guys get your... um, romantic evening - LOL!

ohAmanda said...

But Tasha, you capture it the best! I love reading your convos!

Anonymous said...

LOL... Do it!! I love blog conversations, to... makes me feel like a fly on the wall, lol.

nope said...

Aw, I love his romantic talk! My DH talks like that too... I will have to try to recall some of our good convo's for you...

Toni said...

I have a "chainsaw trapped in a bucket of mucus" too! Great explanation of that! Totally stealing that.

I have some family up in Northern Cali too.

DH says "Do it" too.

I probably could of written this exact post :)

Wow, we have so much in common ;)

ohAmanda said...

I linked to you. Not as funny as yours, of course, but still after this conversation happened I thought of you...well, of your post. :)

Anonymous said...

That totally reminded me of Starsky and Hutch. You have to say "Do it" three times for emphasis...

Anyway, sounds like a FUN trip. You gonna let me know when you come to NorCal?

Tammy said...

I love reading your blog! You are hilarious..makes me realize how boring mine must be! Maybe I should start another one..but it wouldn't even be half as entertaining as yours!

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