Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear God

Dear God,

Please give me strength today. Give me the strength to get through when my son tells me "NO!" for the 347th time, and when my very sensitive daughter starts crying again because I told her she cant stand on the window sill.
Please give me strength today when my son wants to change his clothes for the 4th time. Please don't let me bang my head against the wall today, but if I do, make sure I don't do it too hard.

Please give me the wisdom on what to say when my son tells me he 'isn't going to stand for my behavior' anymore (EXCUSE me??!!). And God, if you're listening, tell my daughter that she cant run around naked all day no matter how cute she thinks she is.

Oh, and God bless this beer that I am chugging right now.



The Mom Jen said...

*Handing you a pillow to soften the blow*

Wait. I hafta laugh.

Okay. Sending you strength. I hope there is more beer in the fridge!

Kacey said...

Having a bad day today? :-) I hope the beer did the trick!

Anonymous said...

LMBO... I'm sorry, I had to laugh about the Jack telling you he isn't going to tolerate your behavior! Don't you want more kids?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Jack's comment is great! One of those times when you like, dang why does my kid have to be so smart?! I hope your day worked out and got better!

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