Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Psychosis is from the little things...

The toddler bed is rocking my world. A few weeks ago, Ava started crawling out of her crib. She fell flat on her head once, so my husband and I said "screw it" and took the crib down. I naively thought "Ava is ready for the toddler bed! How exciting!". Ha. Funny.
Since we moved her to it, she hasn't napped worth a crap. She gets up and plays. She totally disregards my "stay in your bed!" orders. We've even been dealing with the middle-of-the-night playing. I'm having a mini breakdown this week- asking myself what the hell do I do now??!! She NEEDS her daily nap. I cant get rid of it. On top of Ava needing it, I need it. It's my only down time. If mom doesn't get it, everyone will hear about it.
So the newest is that, with all my "stay in your bed" talk, she will get up, get a toy or book, and run back to bed. Okay, I can deal with that. BUT, then 5 minutes later, she will get up and get another book.....and so on. So 30 minutes later, her little bed is so full of crap she cant go to sleep once she's tired. Ugh! I tried removing all her toys from her room, thinking that would be enough. She just went to her dresser and pulled out all her clothes. I'm convinced she has planned this elaborate scheme of not sleeping, and is doing it just to make me crazy.
Ava doesn't sleep well = a grumpy toddler. A grumpy toddler = a grumpy mom. A grumpy mom = a grumpy house. Damn that toddler bed.
What's a mom to do? Do they make straps for toddler beds? (kidding kidding)


ohAmanda said...

Maybe one of those tents you put on top of the bed?

Oh, Ava. I'm even more determined to keep Lydia in her crib now!

nope said...

I am leaving Aiden in his crib till he is 12! LOL... I feel for you... I wish I had a magic trick for you

Anonymous said...

I have three words for you: Pack N Play! Pippa napped in one until she was three even though she was in a toddler bed at night a little after she turned two. Nap time is just too short and too precious to mess around with :)

Hope things get better!

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy...Ava, have you been texting James? James still sleeps in his pack and play. After he scraped all the finish off of his very nice baby bed rails--with his teeth--we had to put him somewhere. Husband also still holds him until hes asleep at night. And, since he's been sick lately, he's even requesting milk at night! Milk...are you kidding me? He's 2 and 4 months!! We are planning to move him to his new Thomas the Train toddler bed during spring break...but now I'm scared! I feel for you and we are sending our mental messages of happy sleeping.

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