Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Patty's Day party!

Apparently, my husband and I throw a pretty good party. Everything went off without a hitch! I think everyone had a good time- I know I did! People didn't leave until almost midnight. That is hella late for me (I prefer to be in bed by 9 most nights), but I was having such a good time I hardly noticed.

The food came out great. I meant to take pictures of the spread, but I was so busy getting it together and making sure everyone got a plate that I totally forgot! So just use your imagination, okay?

The best part of the meal was the dessert. Ohhhhhhh baby. As I blogged before, I made the Pioneer Woman's apple dumplings. To be blunt, these little rolls of heaven are like an orgasm in your mouth. Seriously. Everyone raved about them, and a few of the men went back for seconds. They are so easy to make (Try it again, Dori!), and I swear I'm going to patent the recipe and sell them in my own apple dumpling restaurant. These are so good an entire restaurant should be devoted to them. Dont anyone steal my idea, now!

Just look at all that apple, ooey gooey goodness...

And again, for those who are afraid of cooking or trying new things...don't be! These are easy! I still cant figure out what the Mt. Dew is all about but hey, who am I to judge? I'm not about to go changing a perfectly perfect recipe.

After dinner, the rest of the night was pretty much devoted to the Wii and Irish Carbombs.

Not everyone can be as fast as me. I am a professional, after all.

I think the boys were golfing, but I cant be sure. I wasn't about to move from my spot in the kitchen.
I feel really good about being able to pull off a party for 12 people. Isn't that one of the things a good housewife should be able to do? It was a pretty big job, but it was totally worth every grey hair. And now I'm on "party credit" until next year....


Toni said...

Looks like a fun party!

"these little rolls of heaven are like an orgasm in your mouth"

Agreed :) LOVE THEM!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been at your party... I would have totally kicked your ass at car bombs! :) LOL, the last time I did one I think I ended up speaking to the porcelain gods later that night!

Tammy said...

I am going to try to make these Apple Dumplings this week...they look so good! Hopefully I won't screw them up!

nope said...

Looks like fun.... A good St. Patty's day party can't be beat...

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