Monday, March 31, 2008

The Implant Diaries; Chapter 2

I think I'm breast obsessed. Not with anyone else's- just with my own. I guess that's okay, right? I love my new and improved set. I still cant believe that they're HERE.....right under my chin! All I have to do is look down and.....OH! There they are again! They really aren't going away- they're MINE. All mine! I can squish them, and squeeze them, and put them in any C cup bra I please. Well, in 2 weeks I can- when I can wear an underwire bra again. My doc said no underwires until my incisions (which are under my breast) are healed. And I have to admit, my incisions are still a bit stingy. But they're almost closed, which is pretty amazing healing time if you ask me. Just look how great "the girls" (as my girlfriends call them) look at 12 days post-op!
I hear I wont really need an underwire anymore, though. No push-up needed!!?? I'm told they will settle down with time, and that's just fine by me. Right now I kinda feel like they're in my throat.
So let's see.....where were we? Day 2? I guess not much happened on day 2. I slept a lot. That first night wasn't a very good one. I was in a lot of pain (because remember I didn't take my prescribed pain meds), and I woke up every two hours all night to pee. Is that where all the extra fluid goes? You have to pee it out? Wonderful. I was having pregnancy reflections that night.
Mid-afternoon I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor. It took everything in me to get some pants on and pull my hair back. Then, sitting in Friday afternoon traffic in the car in a tight ace bandage and a girdle was even worse. I started to feel nauseous, I was tired, and my whole torso was being squished from the middle out. I kept thinking "if I have to throw up should I roll down the window or open the door?". Decisions decisions.
I didn't throw up. I figured out that, with the way I was sitting, my girdle was pressing on my stomach giving me terrible indigestion. Lovely, right? Are you still considering plastic surgery after this? Ha.
We got to the doc's in one piece, and the nurse unraveled me. It hurt, but it felt GOOD. I could breathe again. Ahhhhhhhh. My breasts felt incredibly heavy. Like I could feel the pull all the way up my neck! It was really strange. And then when she took off the stomach wrap, it felt like my insides were going to fall out. Another hard to describe feeling. Most of my stomach was numb- from my nerves being traumatized from the liposuction (did I mention I had a little of that? LOL). My boobs were very tight and tender....but DAMN they looked good! I had BOOBS. They weren't discolored, or oddly shaped, or mismatched......they were round and straight and perfect. Wow. And my stomach, even thought it was bruised and swollen, was sooooo much flatter than before. The post-pregnancy belly flab was gone.
So for all of you looking for gore and guts and blood.....I hate to disappoint but there really wasn't any. What the hell, right?! But my incisions are SO small and thin, and I don't have any freakish drainage and/or oozing....
I'm on day 12, and my nerve endings are acting a little strange. It feels like a stingy, tingling all over my stomach and breasts. Almost like when your foot falls asleep? I don't like it. It's annoying, and it makes me feel really self conscious of the pain that I still have. I suppose it's a good thing that this is happening, since I don't want to be numb forever, but I hope it ends soon. OH, and I've heard these strange noises coming from my boobs- like swishing, and like bubbles in water. Eeww! It's like the "hold a seashell up to your ear and hear the ocean"....except for me it's "hold my boob up to your ear and hear the ocean..." I've read this is normal and will pass, but it's just not right feeling (and hearing) an air bubble in your boob.
I plan to write more about the liposuction recovery, because it's a process in itself. It's been interesting seeing the transformation of my belly. And wearing this god-forsaken girdle 27/7 has been more of a challenge that I had anticipated. I swear I'm going to burn it ceremonially once I get to take it off for good. I'll save that for another chapter.


ohAmanda said...

You are just...awesome! And I am LOL at the shell/boob analogy! :)

The Mom Jen said...

Sounds like you are doing really well, jealous of the perkiness and flat stomach! Can't wait for the next installment!

Kate said...

Seriously they look great! And good for you on the lipo. I mean, it just makes good sense since you were already there getting the boobs done.

Tammy said...

Lipo? OUCH! Wow, you are brave girl..I've seen that on TV and I thinkg that looks the most painful out of any plastic surgery! Good for you..hey, might as well do it all at once! You look great..hope you are feeling well!

nope said...

LOL! The noise will go away! No worries there. They are looking great!

Anonymous said...

Damn Girl! They look great! *jealous*

Anonymous said...

They look great!! I'm glad you're doing so well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls!!!! I'm so happy for you! :) So you can change your license plate from pitboss to "titboss" now...he..hee. Couldn't resist it was just too easy. Love ya girl! Hope the recovery is quick and comfortable as possible!

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