Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Deep Thoughts

It's amazing to me how girls can be so girlie, and boys can be so......well, boys. Since Ava was barely able to walk, she's helped herself to my undergarments drawer- to my slips and bras. She will put them on and wear them around the house like she's been doing it for years. Where did that come from? She will find every bead necklace in the house and wear them in her PJs. Is that like sleeping with your diamonds on? She loves her diva sunglasses- although she prefers to wear them upside-down.
Before she was born, I was convinced that most (if not all) of a child's preference was due to their parents and their surroundings. "No boy of mine is playing with dolls!". Oh please.
Now I think that a child is born with a preference....whatever that may be. Jack is allowed to play with whatever he wants, but he prefers trucks and dirt.....he always has. Ava likes to play with trucks, too, but she plays with them in her bead necklaces and sunglasses.
I'm very grateful to have a boy and a girl- it doesn't get any better than one of each!

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