Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where have all the babysitters gone?

Babysitter needed. Must never have gone to prison or stolen a car. Must be able to handle more than one task at a time- preferably 20 at a time. Must refrain from hitting the kids or the cat. Must not drink and smoke until after the kids go to bed. Must not have head lice, ringworm, hepatitis, herpes, or any other contagious
diseases. No stealing my jewelry, TV, or other valuables. No porn rentals. No biker boyfriends coming over. Interested? Call me!
No really......
It seems like a good babysitter is almost non-existent. And if she's good, she's not dependable. And if she IS dependable, then she's too busy. It's always something.
It really, really sucks not living near any family. I've been trying to find a babysitter for years!
My kids are easy. They go to bed early. They don't make a fuss at bedtime. We pay pretty well- and compared to what I used to get babysitting we pay GREAT. Where have all the babysitters gone?
You can only ask your friends and neighbors to watch your kids so many times before they start avoiding your phone calls.

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