Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Like, oh my god! And other ignorant words I like to use.

I think my vocabulary is pretty good. My mom is a technical writer, so it better be. I have fond memories of her correcting my english, and of her and me going through the correct pronunciation of a word that I just couldn't get. Just yesterday, we were talking about the difference between further and farther, and how the words commonly get misused.
However, there's nothing like busting out a word that- however ignorant it makes you sound- makes you feel so good! I have a lot of these kind of words. I say "like" a lot. I say "totally", too. Sometimes I'll get really crazy and combine the two: "like, totally!". Here are some other words that I use and I'm not ashamed to admit it:
Oh my gawd!
Whatever! (preferrably done with the hand 'W', too)
Whatevs (this is the cooler, shortened version- my husband hates this one... hee hee)
Dude (this is one of my favorites)

1 comment:

nope said...

lmao... DUDE! Even Aiden says dude, is that bad??? Whateva!

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