Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ear Infections and $20 Martinis

Jack has his first ear infection ever. Poor boy. He isn't feeling well, but his little boy brain just wants to keep going. I guess I should feel lucky, since we got through his first 4.5 years of life without a single infection. But it still isn't any fun! I took him (with Ava in tow) to the doctor this morning (with big ice cream cones afterward for a reward). It was rough! I love my kid's doctor. But it takes half of our day just to get seen. We're home now, we're all beat, and we're all kind of grumpy. The only thing keeping me positive is obsessing about my weekend date. Here's what we're doing-

Rum Jungle for dinner. Looks nice, eh? I was taking a look at the sample menu earlier and started slobbering all over my keyboard. It turns into a club later on in the night and OMG...they have cage go-go dancers! This is my secret dream job....don't tell anyone I told you, though.

After dinner, we're heading up to the Foundation Room. The cool part about this is it's exclusive. It's like a Vegas style country club. You cant get in unless you have a membership, which costs a ridiculous amount of money each year. Now, don't go thinking I paid for something like this- because that is soooo not my style. My husband's job has lots of "extras". This membership being one of them. So we're taking our friends up to enjoy the view, the atmosphere, and the $20 martinis. There's just something about a $20 martini...

Our babysitter committed to staying until 12am. Midnight! Oh my heavens! What on earth are we going to do until midnight?! I'm not sure I'll be able to make it until then, but I will certainly try.

These little things make me feel like I'm still "cool", since 99% of my time is spent in sweats (with food and boogers all over them), at home, with no makeup on. If I'm lucky, I'll get to talk to another adult each day- other than my husband, who is a great person to have a conversation with but, I like a little variety sometimes. So I have to hold onto my cool moments as much as I can.

Now I'm off to aid my poor boy and his ear!


Kate said...

I've been to Rum Jungle! I remember the food was awesome. But there was this banana chocolate dessert thing blew my freaking mind. If I ever go back I'm just going to have three of those and nothing else. Have fun this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Awww... poor baby. I hope his ear feels better soon! I'm jealous of your night out! I hope you have loads of fun!!

Amy said...

I hope Jack is feeling better. More importantly (sorry Jack)...have so much fun tonight!!! I bet you have a blast. Whatcha wearing? Did you figure everything out? Take lots of pics and have an amazing time. SO JEALOUS!

nope said...

Awww, I am so sorry Jack is sick. That is a bummer! Hope the night rocked... Midnight WOWZA!

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